Futures Day Trading

commodity futures day tradingDay trading has been in Andy’s blood since he was a child watching his father call the floor in Chicago from his “hotline” in Sandusky, Ohio. Andy tells of waiting excitedly for his father to send him out to “pull the tape” to verify his traded price.

As a young trader in the S&P 500 pit, Andy was interested in electronic trading early on. His hunt for an “edge” began with SuperCharts, the precursor to Tradestation. Since then, he’s worked with most commercially and privately available trading platforms over the last 20-years, including NeruoShell, Adaptrade, and now, GSB. Recent years have seen the melding of trading programs and statistical, support vector machines like MiniTab and R. He’s consulted with traders and quants from Australia to Czechoslovakia to California and the East Coast in order to strip fallacy from fact. The cross-pollination of ideas has become a partnership of leading data scientists developing computing algorithms for day trading.

The result is a suite of day trading programs that Andy uses for his own investments, and for execution via Striker Securities.

With constant advances in computer power and data management, day trading and the development of new platforms is one of Andy’s primary areas of focus in 2019 and beyond. Some of his programs will be available for public viewing while others will remain privately held for managed clients.

Andy’s powerful day trading programs executed via Striker Securities include:

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Whether you need guidance each and every step of the way, ongoing monitoring of your accounts with limited execution help, or just a brokerage house to get you involved in the commodities markets, Andy Waldock Trading is the solution.
Trusted Commodity Futures Account Management
Andy Waldock Trading can manage your hedge accounts and speculative commodity trading using our proprietary COT insights and algorithms, developed over the course of Andy's three decades working in the futures markets.
Futures Day Trading
Our fully automated day trading program is comprised of an ever-evolving portfolio trading multiple markets and timeframes. Ask Andy what he's currently trading that might fit your day trading investment objectives.
DIY with COT Signals
Want Andy’s expertise with more control and the ability to plan your own trades? The COT Signals program provides you with the same information and analysis Andy uses to determine his own trades delivered directly to you via email.