Seasonal TradeStation Code


Want to know how to find the best buy and sell dates for a given tradable instrument?

Interested in seasonal trading strategies but don’t know how to code them in TradeStation?


There’s an awful lot that goes into crafting a seasonal trading program, and these two tools can provide a shell for the development of your own seasonal trading strategy. They can also be used as is, to find the best buy and sell dates from one month to the next or, more.


Simply copy, paste and, verify the text files into a new strategy and begin your search on your favorite commodity.


We make adding your own triggers as simple as, “Place entry condition here.”


Want to know what the best buy day is to capture the “January Effect?”

How about the US grain declines during harvest season?

How much does the bond market move ahead of the quarterly GDP reports? Is it a tradable tendency?


The problem with many seasonal add-ons is that they provide a forward plot of expected indexed movement that isn’t easy to quantify in the Dollars and cents of your favorite market. I’ll show you how to use the optimization features within TradeStation to tailor the seasonal hunt to your instructions.



(Disclaimer for educational purposes only. This code plots and calculates market history as a strategy. However, this is not a complete trading solution and it does not guarantee any profitable trades. Seasonal tendencies, though repeatable, are volatile investments. Risk capital should only be placed after proper due diligence has been performed. Trading is risky!)

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