Weekly COT Signals

Andy Waldock’s COT Signals program is a discretionary trading methodology that distills a complex, proprietary analysis of the Commitments of Traders report into a user-friendly worksheet that helps you determine when to buy, sell, or stay away from investments in the futures markets.

Andy Waldock writes a weekly Commitment of Traders column for MoneyShow based on the same analysis and insights used in the Weekly COT Signals. However, subscribers will receive added commentary, including commodity and exchange-traded fund (ETF) buy and sell recommendations. In addition, as a subscriber, you’ll receive your analysis by Sunday evening’s market open, rather than having to wait for Tuesday afternoon’s publication to the masses.

The weekly worksheet is meant to keep traders abreast of growing speculative bubbles within the commodity and ETF investment sphere. The signals generated typically last about a month and trades are far less frequent than the Daily COT Signals program. This makes them ideal candidates for temporary exposure to commodity market volatility on a leveraged basis in the futures markets directly via our commodity brokerage or, more passively through your commodity-based, exchange traded fund allocations with your equities broker.

Both the Daily and Weekly COT signals are subject to seasonal bias within the commodity and ETF markets. While they aren’t always completely in sync, tracking the interplay of seasonality and the commercial traders’ behavior is a key component of our seasonal strategy. For that reason, we usually recommend you subscribe to the Seasonal COT Signals in conjunction with the Weekly tool.

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