Andy’s COT TradeStation Tools

These are the tools Andy has developed in TradeStation for use in his Commitment of Traders and seasonal analysis.


The Commitment of Traders tools come down to three key points.

  1. How imbalanced are the players’ net positions? How long or short, are they?
  2. Is this a new net position high or low for the last (X) period? Is this a new net high or low over the last year?
  3. How do their current actions compare to their average action? How anxious are they?

These questions and more, are answered by Andy’s COT for TradeStation tools.

Indicator, PaintBar, and ShowMe codes are presented as text. Copy, paste and instantly verify upon purchase.

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Seasonal Analysis can be as simple or, complex as you prefer. Andy’s seasonal analysis TradeStation code will provide the shell you need to test your ideas.

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a seasonal program is coding TradeStation to handle calendar dates. We’ve created a shell that lets you test and optimize by entry and exit dates as well as using an entry date plus holding period.

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