Contract Size & Point Values:
Currency Markets

Market RJO Vantage
Entry Price/
Market Price
Profit/Loss Deliverable?
Australian Dollar 6A 1pt. = $10 .8500/.8501 $10 YES
British Pound 6B 1pt. = $6.25 1.5000/1.5001 $6.25 YES
Canadian Dollar 6C 1pt. = $10 .9000/.9001 $10 YES
Euro Currency 6E 1pt = $12.50 1.4000/1.4001 $12.50 YES
Mini Euro Currency E7 1pt. = $6.25 1.4000/1.4001 $6.25 YES
Japanese Yen 6J 1pt. = $12.50 1.1000/1.1001 $12.50 YES
Mini Japanese Yen J7 1pt. = $6.25 1.1000/1.1001 $6.25 YES
Swiss Franc 6S 1pt. = $12.50 .9400/.9401 $12.50 YES
U.S. Dollar Index IDX 1pt. = $5 80.000/80.005 $5 YES
A Reputable Commodity Brokerage
Whether you need guidance each and every step of the way, ongoing monitoring of your accounts with limited execution help, or just a brokerage house to get you involved in the commodities markets, Andy Waldock Trading is the solution.
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Andy Waldock Trading can manage your hedge accounts and speculative commodity trading using our proprietary COT insights and algorithms, developed over the course of Andy's three decades working in the futures markets.
Futures Day Trading
Our fully automated day trading program is comprised of an ever-evolving portfolio trading multiple markets and timeframes. Ask Andy what he's currently trading that might fit your day trading investment objectives.
DIY with COT Signals
Want Andy’s expertise with more control and the ability to plan your own trades? The COT Signals program provides you with the same information and analysis Andy uses to determine his own trades delivered directly to you via email.