Letter to Former Subscribers

commodity futures day trading

As many of you know, I’ve basically retired over the last few years. However, the current economic climate is providing too many market moves to pass up these trading opportunities. You may remember that the bulk of my trading focused on speculatively overbought or, oversold physical commodities like wheat, oil, gold, coffee, etc. but remember, it works on the stock indexes, too! 

The recent rise in inflation and return to (hopefully?) fiscal responsibility suggests that the stock markets could remain sideways for several years. The real world’s populations will continue to eat as the virtual and crypto worlds cannibalize themselves.  

It will be up to the disciplined investor to generate alpha in a sideways or, declining stock market.

My weekly email tells you what I'm trading and how to play the markets most likely to perform in a predictable (profitable) manner in the coming weeks. 

Most importantly – modern brokerages and exchanges have made these markets easier to access than ever.

{Weekly Email - $95 per month) Stock image of laptop trader

{6 Month Email - $399 per month) 

Welcome back, and good trading. 

Andy Waldock. 


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